Our Mission Statement:

We are blessed to call the ancient scenic mountains of Western North Carolina our home. We are a privately owned, globally minded company with a humbled appreciation for the fragile environment that surrounds us.

Our founder possesses over 30 years experience in the water service and treatment industries.

Our team works with architects, engineers, designers and contractors to offer water conservation solutions for large scale projects such as hotels, stadiums,schools, and municipal buildings. (Members of these professions are encouraged to contact us directly for custom pricing and quotes for large orders.) We also provide products to homeowners and small businesses who wish to reduce water waste, increase water quality and experience savings on utility bills. In the interest of better serving our clients world wide we offer global shipping solutions for most of our product lines.

Each of our inventory items has been thoroughly investigated, tested, and approved with the consumer’s best interest in mind. AquaPro product manufacturers are carefully screened for qulity control. The products we market are constructed using UL, NSF, and WQA approved parts and media. Upon request, we will provide documentation to substantiate any claim we make regarding product life, performance, effectiveness or LEED points.

AquaPro strongly encourages sustainable practices and is in business to help people become better educated about the importance of water quality and water conservation, offer solutions for problems to consumers from our vast line of products, and to promote a greener, cleaner earth.
Combined with limited manufacturer’s warranties, our 60-Day Product Satisfaction Guarantee allows to you make your purchase with ease of mind. We hold this policy as one of our core values. At AquaPro, you will receive post – sales service that you can count on. We believe that our job does not end with the sale; continual customer satifaction excelence is the heart of our business. The AquaPro team will always be available to assist you with your questions and concerns.
AquaPro Solution is a multi-facited organization with a focus on building sustainable communities by providing easy access to the latest water conservation product innovations in a convenient, affordable, trusted resource outlet. We are dedicated individuals working together as consumer advocates. If we don’t belive in a product you won’t find it in the trusted AquaPro line. If we sell it we have tested it. If we sell it we have scrutized the manufacturer and negotiated pricing on behalf of our customers. we believe in what we do for you and how what we do will benefit our environment.
We are a proud contributor to charitable organization that strive to provide safe, healthy water and sanitation to those in need. the charities we support our local community and fulfill needs around the globe. AquaPro donates 10% of gift certificate sales to qualified organizations including “The Gift of Water” charity. We encourage your participation in this effort to whatever degri you are capable. For additional information on how to get involved please contact our office at 800-4321-H2O (426) or make a direct donation today.

Our return policy:

Our pledge of commitment to customer satisfaction:

Our commitment to community development:

Our commintmet to environmental stewardship:

Our commitment to sustanable business practices:


  • “BioOne saved me from having to pay for a new septic system. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Ann – Texas
  • “We use almost everything they offer, these guys are on top of their business” Chris – Warren Wilson College – North Carolina
  • “These products are smart, why doesn’t everybody use them?” Joe – New York
  • “Delivered as promised, again. You guys rock!!!” Maggie – Chicago, IL
  • “They took the time to explain everything about my water system. I trusted their advice and am happy to be moving away from the other guys.” Cindy – Asheville, NC
  • “I have several rental properties and have installed these devices in every one. Why not? It saves me money and does good things for the planet. It was a no brainer.” Walter – Asheville, NC