BioOne 2.5 Gallon for Commercial Drain & Grease Trap Maintenance

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BioOne 64oz. is perfect for residential use. Its stable performance-ready formulation of live vegetative cultures and its premeasured cap makes using BioOne ® easy for residential drain lines and septic systems. When used in conjunction with manual drain cleaning, the active microbes colonize in the drain line and eat the gook and slime the cable leaves behind. 

Liquid Drain and Septic Tank Maintenance – 32 Treatments per bottle. Weight: 5 lbs.

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Product Instructions

BioOne 2.5 can be dosed by hand or with the Auto Dispensing System.  

Commercial Grease Traps and Active Commercial Kitchen Drains should be treated daily or as needed based on usage. 

Routine Maintenance: Treat all drains once per month.

Applications: grease pits / traps, FOG containment, restaurants, drains, pump stations 

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 24 in


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