BioOne 64 Oz 2 Bottle Starter Pack for Residential & Commercial Liquid Drain & Septic Tank Maintenance

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The two pack is a perfect way to jump start the biological action in your septic system.  Whether the system is new or newly pumped, add one bottle directly to provide a solid base of bacteria and use the second bottle to treat as recommended.

BioOne eliminates build-up such as fats, oils and grease that slow down and clog drains and the insides of pipes. The friendly bacteria eat their way through the waste eliminating the problem. Through natural biological digestion, waste build-up in drains is eliminated. BioOne is economical and safe for the environment – eliminating grease and food waste-related plumbing problems. BioOne is so powerful it’s patented. Patented protection against pipe build-up, clogs and costly messes.

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If you want to purchase only one bottle of BioOne 64 Oz for $65, go to our BioOne 64 Oz single product page.

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Product Instructions

Starter Pack (save $14.96 with 2 bottles)

The new bottle design makes measuring and dosing easy.  32 Treatments per bottle. 

Slow Drains: Treat daily for five consecutive days or until drain flows normally.

Routine Maintenance: Treat all drains once per month.

Applications: drains, septic tanks, leach / drain fields, ejector tanks, grease pits / traps

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in


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